Good riddance to incompetent Mahama [Article]


Oh what joy! The day I feared may never come in 2016 came on December 7th, when Ghanaians voted massively to kick President John Dramani Mahama and his governing National Democratic Congress out of office. This was my prayer on January 6, 2016 . It was my fervent prayer that we could get rid of him for his many sins. ...

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Marian Ansah writes : Why Mahama lost the election [Article]


After a keenly contested general election, the Electoral Commission (EC) Chairperson, Charlotte Osei, on Friday declared Nana Akufo-Addo as President-elect, making him the fifth president of Ghana’s fourth republic. The NPP Flagbearer secured the Presidency at the third time of asking beating the incumbent, President John Mahama with 53.85 percent of valid votes cast. Nana Addo’s victory has been met ...

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A letter to babies in Akufo-Addo’s government [Article]

Nana Akufo-Addo, President-elect

Dear Babies in Nana Addo’s Gov’t, I trust that you are gloating in this long-awaited electoral victory. It is your right. You worked for it and duly deserve to celebrate; nobody will hold that back from you. But just some few lines for you to consider as you look forward to “positions” in the government; be they at the office ...

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Stay away from polling stations – Children advised

Mr Bright Appiah

The Executive Director of Child’s Rights International, Mr Bright Appiah, has advised students who have not attained the voting age of 18 or above to stay away from polling stations on December 7. That, he said, was to prevent them from falling foul of the law which does not allow people below the age of 18 to vote. “If you ...

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An assessment of NPP’s manifesto promises: Would tax cuts induce growth in Ghana? [Article]

Cassiel Ato Forson, Deputy Minister for Finance

Abstract The paper estimates the Total Cost of major NPP Promises in their manifesto and assesses the Party’s proposed tax cuts on economic growth and revenue generation to finance the cost of the promises.  The relationship is robust even after controlling for economic growth. The paper finds a negative and elastic relationship between corporate tax rate and economic growth with ...

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When Policeman becomes a politician [Article]

John Kudalor, IGP

The reputation of the Ghana Police in combating crime is admiring, however, their inability to preempt and quell politically colored disturbances and prosecute such offenders leaves much to be desired. Although Political Scientists suggest that “struggle” is characteristic of political power pursuit, violence of any sort is intolerable. A weak law enforcement agency is largely to  blame for the continued ...

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Will economy impact Ghana’s presidential elections? [Article]


For some, the state of the economy matters most when it comes to presidential elections, perhaps more important than tribe and ethnicity. Electoral wins could be down to luck. Research has found that the economy matters less when the race for the presidency is wide open as seen in the just ended presidential elections in the United States. However, around ...

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Nana Akufo-Addo writes: Ghana has an opportunity to restore hope in December

Nana Akufo-Addo

In 2017, Ghana will celebrate 60 years of independence. We were the first sub-Saharan African people to achieve independence and, at many stages during the past six decades, Ghana has been praised as a trailblazer for success in Africa. Unfortunately, Ghana has often flattered only to deceive. After many years of political upheaval, we have enjoyed stability under a multi-party ...

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Mahama, fix your ‘silently’ divided party, leave Akufo-Addo alone [Article]

Prof. Mike Oquaye

President John Dramani Mahama has nothing good for Ghanaians. Under his watch, Ghana has slumped to its lowest nemesis under democratic rule. While corruption envelopes us, our economy is in the doldrums, registering this year the lowest growth rate in 22 years. President Rawlings took Ghana to a higher level than he met it. President Kufuor took Ghana to a ...

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The politics we have vrs the politics we need [Article]

Sulemana Braimah

Anyone who claims Ghana has had its politics and governance right is only peddling fiction. We’ve had terrible politics and governance, at least since the Fourth Republic. Yes, it’s been terrible till now and it’s even getting worse. The politics and governance we have had over the years is definitely not the one Kwame Nkrumah and the founders of our ...

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