From the start, she had never wanted Enkidu for herself, as any jealous or possessive lover would. I serve the Mighty One of Life’s Pleasures, the Mistress of Innermost Desires. to be accomplished and fully realized in Reality by us. So I bid you to come with me to Uruk, and see come into being this Great Truth.’. All ordained priestesses were protected by the same law which granted rights to secular married women. Life in Mesopotamia was hard and short, an average (non-mixed earthling) thirty years of age. There was always a need for a skilled scribe, accountant, dancer, councilor, etc. In the Starlight Vision, the High Priestess saw a fully grown man come into being. always threatened by nomadic tribes especially coming from the North. Your Footsteps are mine to follow in great joy and reverence. For a moment, Shamhat felt as if the Challenge might be beyond her powers. He curses her to become an outcast. and to the Holy Hierodule of Heaven who stood in the heart of the shrine:   (Inanna & Ninshubur, Goddess of War in battle dress, & her Venus 8-pointed star symbol). Not before this will he be capable of healing our King. Enkidu is a man who was created to tame gilgamesh. He enjoyed Shamhat for "six days and seven nights" (a fragment found in 2… Many were the ways to swear the Dedication Oath, and now she knew what her own Oath would be: not to want love to serve me, but to serve Love, and as such become the embodiment of Joy. Very much like Gilgamesh he was, yet totally unclouded by arrogance and pride. Now she understood why she had been sent to Enkidu, her role in the Pattern the two of them had woven together. tame the beast within to find the man without, a man who is both divine and very human. I’ve witnessed his birth in a dream, when holy Ninhursag, the Mistress of all creation. The young priestess-in-training chuckled and rushed to obey her orders. It was very likely that one would experience losses of loved ones. So by my Initiate Vows, by my Oath, I’ll go to the woods and do the Goddess’, bidding to transform the Wild One into a fuller human being!’,   (Inanna & Ninhursag, symbols of giant alien gods from Nibiru, flying disc symbol of planet Nibiru, 8-pointed-star of Inanna & Venus, Moon Crescent symbol of Nannar, 7-dots / planets symbol for Enlil & Earth, Enlil the Earth Colony Commander, 1 dot missing in pic). They fought in the streets, they battled in the market. but a succession of young faces since time immemorial that had reflected the same desire to follow Inanna‘s Call. he had been the Worthiest Initiator a hierodule-in-training could wish for. thoughts, willingness to serve, integrity and strength of character. With deep emotion she understood the ethics embedded in this: she would serve Inanna by empowerment. ‘. The temple prostitute who tames Enkidu by seducing him away from his natural state. She was brought to a water source where Enkidu had been spotted and exposed herself to Enkidu. Once there, the young priestess-in-training ordered the hunter to come back home where he belonged. Faraone, Christopher A.; McClure, Laura K., The Sorceress: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, The Epic of Gilgamesh, or This Unnameable Little Broom,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 November 2020, at 01:06.   (E-anna, residence of giant alien gods in Uruk). Ninanna asked, her voice deep, serene and gentle. Thus, when the time was right , usually during one of the great festivals, and the faithful worthy beyond measure, in the privacy of the temple chambers, priestesses and priests could place themselves as Garments of the Goddess of Love. The turmoil drew the attention of Gilgamesh the King. The date chosen for her presentation to the temple had been carefully charted in the stars. Gilgamesh would know what to do, he would ensure the problem would be seen to. Who is preventing me from approaching the Sacred Marriage Bed? The trapper travels back for three days with a temple prostitute named Shamhat. He released Shamhat‘s hand and advanced in large steps through the crowds towards the king. Clothing they shared, one piece for him, another for her. Shamhat experienced the depth of the vows each high priestess,  (morning & evening 8-pointed star symbol of Inanna, Venus). Together, Shamhat and Enkidu ran the hidden pathways of the forests, they ate the sunsweet berries of the Earth. How did the animals react to Enkidu after he was visited by Shamhat, the temple prostitute? ‘. Enkidu And Shamhat She is the demon character who tempts Enkidu into manhood with her beauty. Now Enkidu longed to meet others. Shamhat and Eve: A Comparison essaysGilgamesh, ruler of Uruk, treated his people cruelly. Gilgamesh nodded to Shamhat, who released a sigh of relief. The Most Noble Lady had taken a seat by her private shrine. Shamhat Even though she only appears in Tablets 1 and 2 (plus getting cursed and blessed in Tablet 7), Shamhat is a major female character who plays a pivotal role in the story. ‘This is the message. ‘Now that we’ve been together, Enkidu, I truly believe you and Gilgamesh need each other. For example, when Gilgamesh spurns Ishtar, the goddess of love, with flowery, allusive insults, Enkidu merely hurls a piece of meat in her face. Rejected him and no longer regarded him as kin. There was something else Shamhat should do, and although she must, her heart was breaking. Dressed in coarse leather, he ate vegetation with the gazelles. Or worthy enough? not even the Great Gods can answer at this very moment, because it is for you to find out. ‘I won! Shamhat, in the Epic of Gilgamesh, is the priestess of Ishtar, and the great goddess of love and war. The Mesopotamians believed that women could tame the beast of a man. ‘. of learned priestesses queens and scribes that were her ancestresses. A wild man who becomes Gilgamesh 's best friend. ‘Daughter, by now I thought you had already learnt never to ask the striking obvious! This way the priesthood was preserved from the danger of any unwanted bond from the worshiper. In swift movements she swam then to the shore, and on solid ground, stood waiting Enkidu‘s next move. Rivkah Harris argues that "the intermediate role of the prostitute in transforming Enkidu from one at home with nature and wild animals into a human being is crucial".[5]. When Enkidu is dying, he expresses his anger at Shamhat for making him civilized, blaming her for bringing him to the new world of experiences that has led to his death. Whatever this sign would be, Shamhat prayed fervently to be worthy of receiving. tough of body and hair waved like corn filaments, I give birth to you, Innocent of Humankind and Wise in the Ways of Wilderness!’. were all present in Mesopotamia)). Shamhat‘s heart, mind, body and soul delighted in Enkidu‘s straightforwardness. Enkidu, the Divine Animal turned into a Man and Gilgamesh the King,              (Shamhat, Inanna, Gilgamesh with no royal crown of animal horns, & Enkidu, square-off for a fight). Not before this will he be capable of healing Gilgamesh. She wanted to meet Enkidu by herself, totally alone, no interference’s were required to do the goddess’ bidding. the right balance of prodding and criticism to those who came to her for help. Despite all this, Shamhat could be quite free, as far as she handed in work promptly to temple and palace tutors alike. For six days and seven nights, as the planets and the stars traveled the skies, Enkidu and Shamhat shared all flesh’s delights. He will sure be the answer to our prayers for the taming of our king. Enkidu felt the need to come back to where he once belonged. Careful account should be taken of donations. Delight and Dare to invite the Wild One into the Sweetness of her Lair. He then looked down at the defeated Enkidu, who was trying to stand up. with that kind of steel-forged strength of those who had seen and learnt much in all worlds and spheres. continuously threatened Uruk, Ur, Lagash, Kish, Nippur, and so many other temple estates. Shamhat followed the struggle with the people as it went on. After a time he raised his head to ask Shamhat: ‘What is in you that makes me forget time and yet feels so much alive? Shamhat puts some human clothes on him and takes him to some shepherds so they can initiate him into the parts of human civilization that her sexcapades didn't quite cover: i.e., eating and beer drinking (literally). Shamhat made Enkidu a civilised human being. Strong of mind, body and soul, she was a girl of noble birth. The Great Lady took a couple of seconds to reply, and when she did, her voice was at once stern and soft: ‘Shamhat, Soul-Daughter, what you’ve asked. bathed by Nanna’s (Nannar / Sin) shine and for someone important in her life. and the magic of the wilderness, from huge beasts to the tiniest crawlies. Unfortunately for Enkidu, after this long sexual workshop in civility, his former companions, the wild animals, turned away from him in fright, at the watering hole where they congregated. At one point in the story Gilgamesh was told to “love him [Enkidu] … ‘I serve Inanna, the proud Queen of Earth Gods, supreme among the Heaven Gods. ‘ Enkidu asked. Gone were her worries about performing for the first time the Sacred Marriage Rite. Gilgamesh will ensure that Uruk mourns Enkidu long and well; that, and their time of friendship, should be enough for Enkidu. ‘No one dares to challenge me without being reduced to dust afterwards! He is like Gilgamesh in form: smaller in size, stronger in bone. ‘More than a human being you are called to help the wild one to become. Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh.Enkidu was formed from clay and water by Aruru, the goddess of creation, to rid Gilgamesh of his arrogance.. I’ll give a second self to him, so that rushing winds meet rushing winds! She had to spend long hours in the library copying from the Sacred and Secular Clay Tablets, she had to know by heart long tables of correspondences which had preserved the memory of the land, before the name of humankind had been fixed, and she definitely did not like very much to do once a week. ‘, The reason why I was sent to you was a request made by, So, what do you say? ‘ But I am also dying to have a go at my Challenge. as well as the ones who were pledged to fulfill an array of temple work. ‘. However, Enkidu is also instinctively chivalrous. So hold on to the faith you have in the Goddess, trust your training and let the pattern unfold. and the designs of the holy city of Uruk. The woman holds hands with the man and brings him from the forest to civilized world in the city of Uruk. There was none that he, Gilgamesh, could not best in physical prowess and dare. Anu, fearing that Enkidu would remain a beast, prepared Shamhat for them. Both men circled around each other, as if they were two fighting lions, two fearless bulls ready to fight to the very end. Shamhat‘s heart started beating quicker. Ninanna snorted. ‘ Yes, one you are truly one with Gilgamesh now,’ replied Shamhat. She had brought him to the king, the king had accepted him. However, as a result of Gilgamesh being 2/3 god and 1/3 man, his power was unmatched on Earth. and bring him to meet the king of Uruk, what a mighty challenge this was. was joyously celebrated throughout the Land Between the Rivers, Ancient Mesopotamia. were experienced as a regenerative power, recognized as a gift from the Divine. [2], Shamhat's name means literally "the luscious one". I’ll make him of the stuff that makes up the Firmament in the likeness of my beloved, (the Great Goddess blew a kiss to the Skies and let the, , creature created as protector-companion for, He was a sight to behold, laying on the ground like a newborn, at the feet of, Before the Vision faded, the High Priestess for a very brief second saw. In the sacred temple of Inanna, Ninanna, the High Priestess, a woman of great knowledge and wisdom. For a brief moment she felt an even deeper sadness: would Enkidu always be able to see them as what he had been to each other. He, Enkidu, raised his eyes to the Mistress of All and stared at Her in adoration. “Shamhat.” His voice was quiet, deep. But before we go, give me your hand, so that we can go to the Sacred Place of the Sheepfold. as he saw the Man-Beast freeing wild animals from traps and pits. The Lady’s immense capacity for giving was as huge as Her capacity for giving up to ensure the continuity of life. ‘,              (pose of the Goddess of Love, Inanna). The forest, the wild beasts were dear to him, but somehow he needed more than to eat, bask in the sun or sleep. Shamhat was anxious, perhaps as anxious as she herself had been. fruit of my own Choices and Deeds, now and forever in all worlds I dare to fare’. but it instead made Shamhat quieter and quieter. (wild Gilgamesh, Bull of Heaven, Enkidu with crown, beast & King Gilgamesh). but only if he transcends his wilderness without and within. Temple estates, the only scattered pockets of civilization, tried to keep peace, but there was competition among them. Enkidu grows up among the animals of the steppe, until one day he comes face to face with a hunter. And more: because Enkidu also truly deserved to eat food fit for the gods. She did not know, but trusted Inanna‘s designs. Training and discipline won in the end of some charged minutes or seconds, Shamhat would never be able to say. They could inherit property and dispose of it according to what they saw fit. the proud son of Lugalbanda and the goddess Ninsun, pledged to the Sun God Utu. So why the storm within, why was she at once glad and sad? But he should behave instead as the people’s careful shepherd, the guide of the land, the guardian of the city.’, (assistant with umbilical chord-cutter & Ninhursag in her DNA Lab). know that Gilgamesh longs to find a friend, equal in all respects and perfect in strength. she could see he longed to experience other realities she had started to tell him about.. Shamhat was eight years old and ready to make her vows to the High Priestess and to Inanna. and the sex act as a tribute to the Goddess, Lover and Beloved as One. the Great Goddess of Love and Battle, to ensure fertility to the land and fecundity to the womb. Like her and himself too. The god Shamash reminds Enkidu that Shamhat fed and clothed him. From time immemorial the Sacred Marriage rite or hieros gamos. It suddenly became so clear to her the deeply moved and serious stance. and he is the perfect match for you, my king, as you must have seen. They took her form as their own as if … Only the Wise One could have said exactly what she needed to get herself ready without further ado, delay or much haste. Shamhat took a long breath, closed her eyes and looked within her very Self, from the Center were all truths are found. but stricter the law was for the High Priestess of Uruk. Gilgamesh‘s eyes appraised the worthiest opponent he had ever had in a combat. ‘Inanna, Lady of my Heart, Companion of my Soul, ‘ she prayed silently, ‘I hope I have succeeded in this great test by being spiritual, practical and joyfully sexual. Enkidu's transformation primarily impacts himself. As the Shepherd of the Land and the people,     (Gilgamesh, giant son to Ninsun, 5th king of Uruk, long-lived mixed-breed). Shamhat. As I witnessed in my dream, Enkidu (for this is the Wild One’s name). heart for severity and compassion, a strong and fit body to rule and give sustenance and love to the people. He is the same as Eve who cannot resist the temptation; he is powerless to avoid these mysteries provided by Shamhat. Next the people of Uruk was standing around Enkidu and Shamhat. decided to come back to secular life, marry and have their own children. She was hired by Gilgamesh to tame Enkidu as Enkidu was not civilized in any way and had come to be Gilgamesh's soul brother and companion. in the ritual stance of the goddess as the Holy Grail, the Ever Flowing Cup of Love, Boundless Delights and Life Force. Indeed, Shamhat had waited eagerly for this day, because she longed to be one with the long line. According to classicist Paul Friedrich, Shamhat's sexual skills establish "the connection between artful, or sophisticated sensuousness and civilization". Enkidu (𒂗𒆠𒆕 EN.KI.DU3, "Enki's creation"), formerly misread as Eabani, is a central figure in the Ancient . ‘All my hunt slipped away, only torn game traps are there to stay! Illustration inspired by the Epic of Gilgamesh - this is the moment when Enkidu who was created by the gods as the rival to the mighty Gilgamesh meets Shamhat, a sacred temple prostitute who was asked to tame the wild man. The king’s reply came from the bottom of his heart. ‘We’ve been together for six days and seven nights, Enkidu, so now you have Wisdom!               (Ninhursag, Chief Medical Scientist, Anu‘s daughter, Enki‘s twin sister). Shamhat is a sacred temple prostitute or harimtu. Yes, I did create Gilgamesh, the King, as Mine is the power that has engendered life in all there was, is and will be. Tall, slim but strong of body, long hair, face of incredible beauty and eyes of wonder and joy. She is a sacred prostitute who plays a significant role in bringing the wild man Enkidu into contact with civilization. they challenged each other along the canals and waterways of the city. Enkidu looked at the hand that had helped him up, to the king who was ready to accept him fully the way he were. The priestess’ and priest’s sensuous body (sex for alien gods) was never used to obtain admiration or devotion. Repeatedly, it is said that if Enkidu sleeps with a woman, he will be rejected by nature. A movement, light as a summer breeze told Shamhat Enkidu was nearby. But before I surrender to designs I feel she has for me, once again I’ll converse with my fellow wild ones, and relish in their company.’. Terrified by this savage creature the hunter asks his father what to do, and he is told to go to Uruk and present the problem to Gilgamesh. The function of the temple of Inanna and her priests and priestesses was therefore to provide a haven for the people. It had been lurking in the background since they had left the woods. because theirs was the knowledge of Sacred Drinks and Ecstatic Potions they were not supposed to reveal. Shamhat showed him how to cook and eat from the table food prepared with precious spices. Yet I feel a different kind of strength, thoughts in my heart, a man’s heart. I believe this friend he needs is you, Enkidu. well into her Crone years, knew a sign would be sent very soon. She is a sacred harlot, a sex priestess, which was an important position in ancient Mesopotamian society. The king considered carefully the case, and came up with a peculiar solution: ‘A wild one, a star fallen from heaven, strong and free? Though Shamhat’s power comes from her sexuality, it is associated with civilization rather than nature. A Child of Pleasure who will embrace him, and teach the art of woman so that a man he will finally be. ‘The friend I’ve cried for in my loneliness, the Companion I’ve always known that I’d find! Enkidu sat on the ground, playing with a piece of wood. Reveling in what he saw, touched and felt, body and soul since her training had started at the, For a brief moment the Wise Lady saw not only, but a succession of young faces since time immemorial that had reflected the same desire to follow, And as it was, is and will be, let it be done unto me according to, among personal items especially chosen by the High Priestess to honor, I’ve witnessed his birth in a dream, when holy. She was brought to a water source where Enkidu had been spotted and exposed herself to Enkidu. And, it might take some time, but I would like you to meet the King, if I can arrange it,” said Shamhat. to be revealed in a life of service to the Her and to the people who loved the goddess. The hills, the wild beasts have no appeal to me anymore. The country gathered around the Wild One Turned into a Noble Man and the priestess-to-be. Shamhat tells him: “Eat bread, Enkidu, the staff of life, and drink the beer, the custom of the land.” In other words, Shamhat tries to explain to Enkidu that for a “normal” person eating bread is necessary for life, and drinking beer is his habit. I rejoice at being vibrant, alive and in Union with all there is!’. I’ll send a message to the High Priestess to send the wild one such a gifted maiden to satisfy my request. Enkidu must have captured some of Shamhat‘s deep thoughts and emotions. in the first New Moon it was the sacred duty of the king to marry a priestess and votary of Inanna. Shamhat immediately strips and approaches him naked, and Enkidu embraces her. But he should behave instead as the people’s careful shepherd, the guide of the land, the guardian of the city.’, They took notice of the daily prayers priestesses and priests of. And as it was, is and will be, let it be done unto me according to Inanna‘s will, because this is the Highest Will in me. Enkidu joins the wild animals in drinking from the watering hole. ‘My king, I am the initiate of the temple of Inanna, the Great Goddess you sent to bring this man to your presence. Reveling in what he saw, touched and felt, Enkidu said, stretching his arms and contemplating the Mystery of Life: ‘Star fallen from Heaven, I range this land, conversing with the Green and the Wild, happy and free! Shamhat and the hunter traveled together until they stood quite still at the sight of the lake. ‘Enkidu, born you are with the strength of Ninurta, the God of War, tough of body and hair waved like corn filaments, I give birth to you, Innocent of Humankind and Wise in the Ways of Wilderness!’ Before the Vision faded, the High Priestess for a very brief second saw ‘She is a thing of wonder,’ he thought, ‘. Yet she freely gave herself to me, satisfying all my fantasies . It was in the first days, in the very first days when, that a Maiden stood sided by her parents before the gates of the, it was the sacred duty of the king to marry a priestessÂ, which in most cases were shared by those who came to the, she would be ready soon to hear the Call of the Goddess, Life in Mesopotamia was hard and short, an average, and therefore that the temple should try and heal. considering the beauty he had in front of his very eyes. Indeed, after he sleeps with Shamhat, the animals reject him. ‘. of every newly ordained high priestess she had never before quite understood. It was in the first days, in the very first days when Gilgamesh (giant 2/3rd divine mixed-breed).