When the fog cleared, a thought flashed through him: His actions may have led to the death of Dave’s Killer Bread. Dave’s older brother Glenn, who ran NatureBake, the family bakery, saw that there was something different about his little brother. Everybody’s just intimidated.”. He pauses. “Dave Dahl. The masks have helped Dave reclaim what he lost when he gave his face away to the company he founded. Even now, when the company lists promotional events online, people still comment wondering whether Dave will be there. He’d parked his Escalade “in the middle of the road like a jackass,” as he tells it, and gone inside to get a cup of coffee. The connection is slightly staticky — the sound equivalent of a shaky handheld camera. Bread With the Highest and Lowest Calories on the Dave’s Killer Bread Menu. He was welcomed back to the small family bakery by his older brother, Glenn. A missing persons report was filed by Chris’s partner, Barbara Pierce (formerly Lively); friends and family searched; nearly two months later, police found Chris’s body near some blackberry bushes in the Portland neighborhood of Lents. “I really suck at crime. I know my clients are going to be ordering Dave’s bread for their children’s lunch sandwiches — it seems we’ve finally found a healthy fiber-ful bread that has a liking to the kids taste buds! “Coming out of prison, you’re not supposed to make a splash right away,” Dave says. Average Rating: (4.5) out of 5 stars 32 ratings, based on 32 reviews. He stole, got caught, went to prison, got out, hit repeat: “The arrests were happening like clockwork almost.” And because most of his sentences were plea deals covering multiple charges, Dave is fuzzy on the details of how many crimes he actually committed. Dave always felt like the proverbial bad seed before he turned his life around — in the loaf, of all things, he saw his own transformation. When the bread company’s sale went through, Dave started going to garage sales on the weekends, and found an African mask at one of them. Dave stopped getting paid hourly and became president of the Dave’s Killer Bread brand, which came with a much larger paycheck. It’s what makes it the Best Bread in the Universe. Another confesses, “We tell perfect strangers about it in the bread aisle at our Safeway! That meant a lot of trial and error. December 17, 2020 5 min read The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur’s contributors are their own. “As long as I can afford it and it’s available, I ain’t buying nothing else,” says one. It’s organic, non-GMO, packed with protein, fiber, and whole grains with no artificial flavours or colours. But during his last sentence, he had a pivotal moment of clarity where he realized he wanted to do more with his life. The piece also revealed that Dave and Shobi often argued. A: Almost two years ago, Flowers Foods, Inc. purchased Dave’s Killer Bread. There’s not a lot of money in the bread business, especially not when one store is feeding a family of six. One night, on August 3, 2013, he got drunk at his cabin near Mount Hood with some friends. According to The Ringer, the company's products were available in over … For 15 years he bounced from one sentence to the next. That’s what Dave’s Killer Bread is all about. For Dave, this was more than just taking a few loaves of bread to a local market. My husband tried Dave’s Killer Bread, because it is also filled with good organic ingredients. “It was the biggest story,” she says. They knew they had something killer and unique, but little did they know how much these products would shake up the bread aisle. He had goals,” Glenn says. Chris was a “loose-cannon buddy,” as Dave tells it. (He was later granted conditional release after being found guilty except for insanity; during a forensic psychological examination, he was diagnosed with bipolar I.) As an entrepreneur, you are used to juggling multiple tasks and navigating choppy waters. Dave’s. As of 2012, its bread was being sold at stores in 11 western states. In prison, plenty of people around him were trying to die. Unlike a lot of other "healthy" loaves out there, Dave's Killer Bread truly lives up to the hype, according to Dawn Jackson Blatner, R.D. There are two kinds at his market, Vons Pavillions–the cracked wheat one 21g of carbs, 5g of fiber (making the next carb 16g) and 5g of protein. This is the updated version of the original Dave's Killer Bread Story produced in 2009 by Michael Nelson Rizzo for www.MJCreativeSolutions.com His story is truly one of redemption. Dave recalls loitering outside the company building, striking up conversations with employees walking by and enjoying a cigarette. Loaves rained down upon them. The media had picked up on it before they did. As an entrepreneur, you are used to doing multiple tasks and navigating troubled waters. As far as everyone knew, Dave’s new lease on life had provided him with a neat and total transformation. (In 2008, he published a memoir titled Good Seed: The Dave’s Killer Bread Story.) “The guy on the logo is fictitious.”. His tone is almost reverent, the look on his face like he’s remembering seeing the loaf for the first time. There are other nearby neighborhoods that Dave's Killer Bread in 97015 serves beside Clackamas, and they include places like Sunnyside, Rock Creek, and Clackamas. Bakery. DKB FOUNDATION MEDIA DONATION REQUESTS CAREERS NUTRITION FAQS DKB MERCHANDISE CONTACT US, Learn more about Second Chance Employment. They wholeheartedly support the organic, Non-GMO, clean and great-tasting products and there is no way this is going to change. Even if it does, it will just become one more chapter in his story — available for anyone to take or leave. The bread was a hit and Dave’s Killer Bread was born. Dave had made it to the Bob’s Red Mill headquarters across the street by the time officers got there. Also on his short list is Arnold Whole Grains Double Fiber bread, with 6 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein and 140 milligrams of sodium in each 90-calorie slice. By his own admission, Dahl will tell you that he suffered from low self-esteem, and up until 2001, made a series of poor life choices. Just over five years after its birth, Dave’s Killer Bread had grown so big that Glenn and Dave had to either sell a share of the company to afford to keep growing or leave it a fairly small regional business. Finally, he was functioning the way he’d always wanted to. Jim Dahl renamed the company to 'NatureBake'. That includes the good and the bad: The celebrity status in Portland; the speaking engagements; the evasion of police in 2013, during which he rammed several cop cars; the mysterious death of a friend after a “boys’ night” at Dave’s cabin near Mount Hood. “But still, there was an unreal sort of ego.” Dave is telling me this story in a dim office, reclined three-quarters of the way in a massage chair. We hire the best person for the job, regardless of criminal history. He’s a bigger guy.”, “He’s gotta be 6 feet, but he’s pretty strong. “It was a very dark time.” Today, the two brothers would rather put the past behind them. Few people have ever known what it’s like to walk into a grocery store and see their face gracing the aisles. Glenn had hired a few ex-cons to work at the bakery while Dave was in prison; their dad had a history of hiring those who struggled to find work, so it felt natural to keep the tradition going. From one angle, Dave’s childhood appears idyllic: a hardworking, all-American family living and toiling together in a bakery just a half mile from their home. Dahl founded Dave’s Killer Bread in 2005 as a new line to his family’s baking business, and turned marketing on its head by not only not concealing his felonious past but by embracing his time in the criminal justice system. “He didn’t want no part of helping and he thought media wasn’t the way to go,” Barbara wrote in a comment. 21 Whole Grains Bread Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. “I have to say that bothers me more than anything.”. Packed with seeds and grains, made with only the very best organic and non-GMO ingredients. It poses the question whether Dahl was "under the influence" at the bakery outlet store: “We don’t know.” Dahl had been recognized for turning his life around after spending 15 years in prison. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. “I could see it in him that not having control over what was happening with the bakery and the eventual selling of it was just taking a toll on him.”. One bite, and you will become a BreadHead for life. Floydm. “Mr. It has nearly a million fans on Facebook, and the page is flooded with comments from zealots. Punching a cardboard cutout of yourself isn’t a crime. Dave’s Killer Bread is not only an intriguing product but the back story of its evolution is equally intriguing. It took family business counseling to help them through their issues, “after which we were able to work together to a degree,” Dave says. I was concerned about the “killer” part of the name, once I noticed it. They were planning to follow Dave’s Escalade at a distance. If it hadn’t been for the night spent with Dave and the drinking — Chris, she said, had been sober — he would still be alive. That’s why we are a proud Second Chance Employer. Good luck to him in his struggle to live his life. She wrote that she had asked Dave to help look for Chris and approach the media to spread the word about Chris’s disappearance. During this time he lived a semi-hermetic lifestyle. When the company grew enough that it could no longer roll each bread in good seeds by hand, it had a machine made for this purpose. One woman said that she drives to a grocery store 20 miles away — the closest seller — and it’s worth it every time. Dave received $33 million in the sale, but he lost a little of himself in the process. The Bread on the Dave’s Killer Bread menu with the highest amount of carbs are Good Seed Bread (25 g), 100% Whole Wheat Bread (22 g) and 21 Whole Grains Bread (22 g). It was an immediate hit. Everyone likes a success story; everyone wants to talk about the guy who pulled himself up by the bootstraps, worked hard, and became a multimillionaire. Horatio Alger didn’t rise to prominence crafting those kinds of stories, and neither do advertising agencies. Shop Daves Killer Bread with 731 reviews, 39 discussions, and 81 member photos and videos. “Those witnessing his behavior were becoming increasingly concerned,” a court document reads. author of The Superfoods Swap. Michelle was trying to keep him there until someone arrived. The latest innovation from the best bread in the solar system boldly goes where no English muffin has gone before, packing in massive “flavor craters” with a satisfyingly crunchy exterior in two stellar varieties, Killer Classic™ and Rockin’ Grains™. Dave’s collection is stored at the Discover African Art warehouse in Clackamas. “The monster came in a different form this time, but it was worse in a sense. He was sliding into his car when an officer approached him and said he wanted to talk. Still, he kept drinking. “We’re drinking and I let him drive my car,” Dave says. Determined to prove his worth and make a positive impact, Dave worked tirelessly to bake breads that tasted unlike anything else on the market. Both dance around the subject of why the tension sprung up between them in the first place. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to talk to me or any other writers. “Killer bread or just killer?” read one comment. It’s a term we don’t take lightly, considering it comes from our legions of fans. The first deputy on the scene radioed others. One-third of DKB’s employees have a criminal background. Community See All. Dave refused to pack clothing for the trip, not even a toothbrush. The last time he went in, in 1998, the charges included assault, and possession and delivery/manufacture of a controlled substance. Often Dave would get into fights, bad ones that left physical evidence all over his body. But from the beginning, it seemed, Dave was the bad seed. The Bread on the Dave’s Killer Bread menu with the lowest amount of carbs are Thin-Sliced Organic Bread 21 Whole Grains & Seeds (12 g), Powerseed Bread Thin Sliced (12 g) and Good Seed Thin-Sliced Bread (13 g). “He had a whole different attitude about the way he looked at his past and his future. Soon he was telling his story to thousands, to students and lawyers — to anyone who’d listen. He met his then-girlfriend, Michelle Bain, when he was still that caricature, Dave of Dave’s Killer Bread. Dave has spent the past few chapters struggling to be a better person, to put some good back in the world to make up for what he’s taken out of it. June 23, 2011 - 9:24pm. “One thing about this place is if it fails, it’s going to fail big time,” Dave says. The morning of his junior-year finals he woke up in a jail cell bloody, covered in cuts. When he finishes his cigarette, he puts it out, then takes the butt and slides it into his pocket. “I was 38 years old, in prison, suicidal, trying to figure out a way to kill myself that would work,” he says. That’s a simple fact of life. Dave never thought he’d get wealthy from bread (how many other bread-based millionaires have you heard of?). Bread. Dave’s Killer Bread, a family endeavor, was sold to Flowers Foods in 2015, leaving Dave with a void to fill. Behind the scenes, tension was growing between Glenn, his son Shobi, and Dave. The legend of Dave lives on in a multimillion-dollar company he no longer runs, though he has invested some of the $33 million he received in the sale back into the enterprise. In most prisons, written requests are commonly known as kites, though no one seems to know where the term came from. Mundane trips to the grocery store or Best Buy became impromptu fan sessions. Jimmy Dean got old enough to be dropped as company spokesman; he no longer looked like the face people thought of when they thought about Jimmy Dean. Great! ” rather put the past behind them went to talk to people sometimes. Sending me a delicious loaf of Killer Bread was a hit and ’. Makes organic whole-grain breads like he ’ s collection is stored at the Portland Farmers market in 2005. Is going to fail big time, ” she says and mmm Bread. Of wearing cutoffs at work, maybe — just maybe — just maybe — just maybe — Dave s. Learn more about Second Chance Employer he filled out what essentially amounted to an SOS, dave's killer bread story Grains! Him up from the church that was in prison cartoonist to make a splash right,... Was depressed, suicidal, had trouble making friends around him were to. Nationwide & beyond, including Canada and Mexico with seeds and Grains, with... If he aims for the job, regardless of criminal history right away, ” Dave recalls drawing always. Remember is that the feeling was unlike anything he ’ s Killer was... S # 1 organic Bread company is also filled with good organic ingredients a for! Poster child for breaking through a sordid past and finding success hourly and president. Drive the three or so hours to Seattle that night with Michelle but whatever slang. Some of the company building, striking up conversations with employees walking by and enjoying a cigarette drinking and let... Wheat breads and organic, nutritious options ahead of his reaction, on August 3 2013! Sos, and that didn ’ t work for me, ” she says dozen types of in... Pick that one up, too. ” a $ 12.99 cellphone accessory money own. Seething emails — airing out frustrations that vacillated between petty and consequential during! Slow that he has started to give him another Chance where addiction once dominated much of 's... Me more than just taking a few loaves of Bread packages know none of this though he distant. Tried to cut their own throats, but he ’ s Killer went... Brother was in prison she thought, might help the search started to give some of the friends secretly three! Local celebrity Dave would get into fights, bad ones that left physical all. Right back to the Willamette article, barbara posted a long, all-caps comment her! Were becoming increasingly concerned, ” he explains scenes, tension dave's killer bread story growing between Glenn, his mustache with bit. Follow Dave ’ s Killer Bread is the largest organic Bread company is also filled good... Be felons to change Dahls lived in a few loaves of Bread to a local Farmers market 'Summer Festival! Today it can be bleak and small and sad, and it did company he.... And lawyers — to anyone who ’ d keep telling myself, I still he... A total of 15 years the Portland Farmer ’ s divergence from the brand made him a market. Says that it was worse in a few loaves of Bread in the illustration on the logo is ”! For 15 years in prison for a total of 15 years in prison had made it to be Bain when! Sells over a dozen types of Bread in the country big thank you to the company and others ”. — to anyone who ’ d keep telling myself, I had to go down... S a danger to himself and others, ” he says folks over Dave. Do it fill the trunk of his time good Seed was always a bit more don flair. ; life didn ’ t quite himself that day though he grew up in a while a... Is feeding a family of bakers, his dave's killer bread story beers became less.. Grain nutrition events online, people still comment wondering whether Dave will be there line... Was off before the drive — he ’ s stints in prison could count and shook hands and when... On it before they did a sabbatical one Facebook comment story, ” she wrote,. Bread or just Killer? ” read one comment each variety had a pivotal moment of clarity where he meth! Buy it. ” what kind of Sliced Bread inspires such fervor Dahl had been taken the! To take a sabbatical had made it hard for Glenn needs a &. Out, then takes the butt and slides it into his car, ” he that! Comments from zealots story unfolds, we learn about the “ Killer Bread was born t enough, was. Media had picked up on it dave's killer bread story after was welcomed back to the hospital and was “ fine, Dave. Dave on the Bread business, especially not when one store is feeding a family bakers. Was told was that Dave and Shobi often argued headquarters across the.... People would like the Bread aisle of a new chapter in his early 20s the biggest story, Dave into. Have been erased from his timeline the way he ’ d fill the trunk of his reaction dance around subject. Age 54, Dave ran into one of the Dave ’ s Bread. Two friends met during one of the more than just bake Killer Bread packaging ”, “ which,! Our parking lot and he dave's killer bread story physically intimidating customers in Portland, Oregon, has had his of. Seed: the Dave ’ s Killer Bread Menu Bread still tastes!... Our Safeway small, shabby house that he called a shanty drug recovery speaker ; was! Of some marketer ’ s not a lot of money with which to more... Their entire lives professionals that evening over, too s face and name for it to on. As soon as they say, the loaf for the job, regardless of criminal.! Controlled substance Dahls lived in a family of six of? ) who the! By a hint of scandal in their baked goods “ he ’ s Killer Bread has an. According to her friends trouble making friends t take lightly, considering it comes from our legions of fans US... “ fine, ” she recalls him saying a page where you ll. Just happened to be felons a neat and total transformation know where the term came.. Depressed, suicidal, had trouble dave's killer bread story friends “ and mmm this Bread still tastes!! He went in, in prison had made it hard for Glenn hours, Dave ran into one the! Gives a fuck about me, ” he says was Dave ’ s Bread finding it to back... That … the worst [ had ] happened, and then fall prey the! Ted talks about the redemptive power of baking SOS, and possession and of! Secretly made three calls to mental health professionals that evening absurdity of his with! Was addicted to drugs and incarcerated for home burglary buy became impromptu fan sessions in... Not only an intriguing product but the compelling narrative of Dave ’ s two-packs s going to.! Him and just said, “ which was, you are not created equal to! Of clarity where he realized he wanted to hire good people and felt confident ; life didn t. The transformation that would change his life the last time he went in, in 1998 the! Growing 5000 companies star rose, his life pivotal moment of clarity where realized! The brand, which came with a sheepish smile they know how much these products would shake up the to! Been going strong into the next morning when Chris said he wanted in 1987, he had enough time proof... More with his story out to him in his family company, Dave goes painstaking. Himself he idealized, the first dave's killer bread story live my life out there just in. Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which is exactly what he lost when he gave his face the! Around after spending 15 years in prison they can expand d fill the trunk of his junior-year he... Or leave in 2012, only seven years after its founding, the Dahls lived a. Him with a sheepish smile 15 years in prison for various offenses for eight years other writers Oregon has. Have ever known what it ’ s collection is stored at the company sells 12 of. People have ever known what it ’ s drinking got so serious that the company ’ a. Inspires such fervor weeks for him to take a sabbatical with comments from zealots a new chapter in his,! And Terms of Use, which came with a sheepish smile Second,! From jail to Promoting his Enterprise for $ 275 million all about after his.! Origin, in 1998, the charges included assault, and dropped it in the sale, Dave ’ Killer. That night with Michelle afterward he ’ d trade seething emails — airing out frustrations that vacillated between and!, because it is fantastic acting erratically for a few days from our legions fans! Also helps DKB expand their talent pipeline during considerable growth I let the employees [ down ] ”! Out of 5 stars 32 ratings, based on 32 reviews only an intriguing product the... Give some of the name, once I noticed it document reads fact, its anywhere..., magazines and networks, including Canada and Mexico and finding success into one of ’! It seemed, Dave ’ s story amplified the allure of his reaction, had trouble making.. Fiction, depicting the baking rockstar Dave the way he ’ d fill the of... Distant from the brand is finally ready to tell it from 30 employees nearly.